Most asked Questions!

Q. Do you have vegan ice cream?
A. Not at this time. We are traditional ice cream makers. Our ice cream contains Milk, Cream, Egg, Sugar and Salt.

Q. Do you do any eggless ice cream ?
A. No we do not. All our ice cream is made with a custard base with egg- the way ice cream was originally made.

Q. Do you do sugar free ice cream?
A. Not at this time.

Q. Can we combine 4 flavours into 2 tubs?
A. When we extract our ice cream we do so directly into our tubs. For 1. Safety and hygiene reasons and 2. So that you get a full tubs of ice cream sans air pockets.

Q. Can we come and pick up the ice cream?
A. We are following very stringent safety protocols and do not have that facility from our kitchen. Pick up facility is available at AKU's - The Brrgrr Co. in Defence Colony Market on order. Please WhatsApp us on 9311022991 for more details

Q. Can we get it today?
A. Orders received by 12 noon are delivered the following day. We are fulfilling deliveries ourselves and continue to follow the strictest safety protocols. If we have a delivery spot available the same day, we are always happy to serve you the same day.

Q. Do you deliver to Gurgaon / Noida / outside delivery radius?
A. Given that we are a small team and fulfill orders ourselves we have a delivery radius of 10kms from Maharani Bagh, New Delhi. Some locations in Noida are covered. We are trying to expand this radius. We are deeply committed to our ice cream being delivered in immaculate condition and therefore a limited radius.

Q. Are the prices on the menu final?
A. These are introductory prices. We pour our heart and soul into every tub and want to spread as much ice cream joy as we can. 

Q. How often do you change your menu?
A. Fruit flavours are seasonal. We have a larger offering but have 8-10 flavours on our menu at any point in time. Our current menu is available on our website

Q. If you are out of stock for a particular flavour how long will it take to get a tub?
A. Our process is entirely by hand and traditional. We cook each base on say Day 1. We then let the base mature overnight. Day 2 involves churning it and extracting it into our tubs and then typically 1-2 nights to harden. Bear with us, we think it is worth it.

Q. How soon will you get back to us when we send you a whatsapp order?
A. We are pretty quick to get back. If we don’t immediately reply give us a few minutes and we will revert. 

Q. What days are you open and what are your hours of operation?
A. We are  open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Closed Monday - We too need a day off 😊